About CCA

“Janna knows how to creatively and effectively reach an audience in a captivating and engaging way that draws them in and leaves them wanting more.”

Marion K. Gross
Sr. VP and Chief Supply Chain Officer, McDonald’s N.A.

Cosby Creative Associates in an integrated marketing and branding firm specializing in storytelling. As a turnkey video production company, we research, develop and produce transforming messages.

We have had the privilege of working with dozens of Fortune 500 companies including McDonald’s Corporation, AT&T, Holiday Inn, Motorola, Harris Private Bank, Kraft Foods, Pepsico, BMO Capital Markets, Coke, Lamb Weston, ConAgra Foods, Kinship Trust, LifeFocus Television, Nestle, Amoco, Sears, Nokia, World Relief, PBS, CNA Insurance, Opportunity International and many others.

We are a team of designers, content producers, strategists and educators.  Our award-winning work includes documentaries, video productions, and content rich events.

Janna Cosby founded Cosby Creative Associates over 25 years ago. As the quintessential business communicator, producer and creative entrepreneur, she has successfully brought transforming visions to life. Her creative art of visual storytelling blended with her forward-thinking, integrated strategies has helped dozens of businesses build brand recognition.

Janna also founded Goodwill Legacies  to serve private and corporate families and help them capture and preserve their legacies.


"The best way to describe what I do is to stress my expertise in stakeholder analysis. I have an insider's view of Fortune 100 corporations through my corporate and consulting career.  I am asked to develop major initiatives that require internal buy-in and external execution.  As the Communications Strategist for the McDonald's supply chain,  I had first-hand access to the C-suite both at McDonald's and with their major global suppliers. I worked to bridge the gap between what they said they did, what they actually did, and what they needed to do. People open up to me. I know the questions to ask to dig deeply into an organization. I am very experienced with developing solutions to improve customer and employee engagement. I started my career by helping leaders 'package their vision' and found if they didn't understand the issues that stood in the way of buy-in, then no one would listen.

"At CNA, I was head of change management communications. In reflection, I realize I have done this throughout my career. Helping an organization change from one way of thinking or doing business to another is a strong suit of mine. It takes critical thinking and out of the box solutions. Most agencies don't understand the need for internal buy-in. I've often said I am an internal ad agency that sets the stage for external success. I bring considerable contribution to the digital space through my extensive experience in video and film production.  My film interviews are a cut above. I know how to get the best out of someone to help them tell their best story. It's both an art and science."

~ Janna Cosby