The samples included here are representative of well over 200 project Cosby Creative has written, directed and produced for business clients and television audiences to inform, inspire and engage both the mind and the heart. Click any image or title below to see just a few examples examples of Cosby Creative's work.

Customer Experience Plan Development

Engaged to develop a customer experience mindset for employees and improve the experience for customers of a global firm, Janna led the team that produced a messaging execution plan. Customer journey mapping, focus groups, customer interviews and employee engagement were at the heart of the project for the worldwide business. 

CNA : Paramount

Launching the first new property product in over 20 years, CNA needed a new look and approach to showcase their product and the genius and commitment behind it.

McDonald's, Inc.

Janna Cosby's great accomplishment while working with McDonald's was the successful transformation of the company's "purchasing dept." mindset to a "supply chain management" mindset. The transformation positioned McDonald's as a leader in supply chain organization around the globe. She produced documentaries, symposia, worldwide events, engagement opportunities, role-plays and value-driven messaging to engage leadership in "buying in" to the revolutionary new mindset.

BMO-Harris: Women in Business

Produced to promote the importance of women in the financial sector and their impact on the economy, and BMO's commitment to help them grow their businesses.

Partners Worldwide: Proposal

Partners Worldwide connects U.S. business owners to business owners from similar industries in developing nations around the world. Janna developed this proposal to encourage donors and supporters to experience and meet emerging business owners throughout the globe. 

TCF Bank: Marketing Plan

TCF asked Janna to build a marketing plan to support their foundation business. This challenge suggested many ways to promote adult banking and financial education to a number of audiences who can benefit from better understanding of how money works!

Harris Private Bank: Montage

Produced for private bank events and sales meetings, this  video anchored  the Harris Private Bank's website.

Opportunity International: Dikembe Mutombo

Walking through the thriving marketplace in Maputo, Mozembique, Opportunity International advisor Dikembe Mutombo  reminisces about the struggle of his mother’s  life as she worked day and night in an impoverished and war-torn part of the world.

Dr. Elaine Ferguson: What is Superhealing?

Dr. Elaine Ferguson speaks to health issues from a candid, holistic view. This video was produced as a precursor to a one-hour PBS special Janna produced and is airing across the country and changing lives.

SuperHealing Secrets with Dr. Elaine Ferguson

Dr. Ferguson's PBS special had heavy coverage and good success in pulling in viewer support. Janna oversaw the production of all the related marketing as well as development of the premiums. Click the title above or the image to see the promo for the 90 minute special. Click here for one of the many press releases. Click here to check out several of the premiums offered.

Passion and Principle: The Story of the Cinats

The Larry and Gloria Cinat families track their sojourn from roots in northern Italy to Windsor, Canada to three successful daughters.

This story shares their passion for life, for one another and to the tenacity of love, hard work and education.

Opportunity International: Vivian's Dream

Mrs. Vivian Adamha, owner and principal of a school in Accra, Ghana, teaches and cares for children whose futures would be bleak were it not for Vivian, who believes viscerally that not one child should ever be left behind. Janna Cosby travelled to Ghana and told Vivian's story.


World War II Day: Memories and Perspectives from the Front

Shot in one day with veterans speaking at Hinsdale Middle School, Janna captured 15 World War II Heroes  whose stories we are never tired of hearing. These films are now a major part of the history curriculum and have been registered with the national archives.


CNA: The Don Powers Agency

CNA's CEO asked underwriters to bring their "swagger" to the insurance  business. Jason  Stackhouse brought his to the Don Powers agency in Muncy, Indiana.  Click here to read an intranet story about the agent "star" of this video.


Opportunity International: Rosa

Shot in two days with a small crew, this film documented breadmaker Rosa’s story, the story of micro-finance in Nicaragua, and demonstrated that hope knows no cultural , language or socio-economic boundaries.


Opportunity International: Case Study

Opportunity International is a global micro-finance organization. They were struggling to achieve the sponsorship they needed, and as a result Janna Cosby was brought in. Here is the case study of her work with them. Through her efforts, their sponsorship grew from $5 Million to $16 Million, and whole new audiences were successfully engaged. Click here to read their story, and how Janna's involvement revolutionized the way OI communicated with their targeted markets.